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In the store, online or when contacting the customer service team: how do you make sure that customers are always treated the same? Think borderless.
Stop thinking in channels and communicate with customers via an omnichannel strategy based on a single version of the truth. How? By ensuring that your systems for both ‘clicks’ (online) and ‘bricks’ (in-store) communicate in real time to share and synchronise customer data.
Make sure that your shop assistants always have the same, up-to-date information as your help desk, inventory manager and web shop.

That's why we're introducing

Think Borderless

A uniform customer experience?

Your customers expect convenience and uniform content that is tailored to their needs – online as well as in your shop, in online catalogues and in printed promotional material. They also expect you to approach them with consistent details related to products, prices and offerings. That implies that they expect to get the same discounts in your physical store as online.
Are all your applications aligned so that they communicate in real time? If so, immense opportunities are on the horizon!
You could, for example, filter the massive amount of customer data to gain specific insights that can help you customise discounts. Wouldn’t it be great if, for example, your shop assistants received relevant information about all the customers that walk into the store? Imagine what they could do with the knowledge that a woman currently in the shop was viewing a specific shirt on your web shop the night before.

Think Borderless

  • Communicate with customers via an omnichannel strategy
  • Rely on a single version of the truth
  • Provide uniform and personalised content
“ It doesn’t matter if customers get in touch with you online, via social media or in your physical store. Companies that focus on the customer journey are more successful. ” - Harvard Business Review
There are no limits to the best customer experience
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Optimise customer engagement in retail, wholesale and manufacturing.
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