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Can you paint an accurate picture of your customers, and do you have full control over your stock and supply chain? To do so, your business and IT must be perfectly aligned. That means you need a central platform where you can analyse pricing, logistics and sales information in real time.

Increasing customer engagement starts with aligning business and IT. Where do you start? First of all, ensure that all your IT systems communicate in real time.
Secondly, your business and IT teams have to work together as well; they must share the same visions and debate and elaborate a joint strategy to ensure that IT can take proactive actions in line with the business goals.

That's why we're introducing

Take Control

Business and IT: do they speak the same language?

Business and IT alignment requires a robust organisational foundation, as IT and business teams have to work closely together. If managers understand the complexity of IT and the IT staff has clear insights into business processes and goals, they can define objectives together and convert these into a strategy that is supported by an adequate IT environment.
A second step towards achieving business and IT alignment is building an integrated and flexible IT infrastructure.
The key requirements? A platform with an in-memory database will help you collect real-time information from different sources to serve as a basis for your processes. In addition, your systems should be modular to ensure the flexibility and agility you need to swiftly respond to new business opportunities.

Take Control

  • Business and IT alignment
  • Analyse pricing, logistics and sales in real time
  • An integrated, flexible infrastructure
“ 67% of commerce marketeers believe it’s critical to align customer applications. Only 3% manage to achieve that alignment. ” - Context, commerce & customer report, SAP
How do you live up to your customers’ expectations? Take control.

Internally you might be able to simplify a complicated ordering process, unclear stock information, or minimize price differences in channels by blaming legacy systems or the silos in the organizational structure. But your customers aren't interested in these arguments. So how do you prevent them switching to other suppliers? The answer - take control.   


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