your customers
expect you
to talk
to their toothbrushes
An electric toothbrush that orders its replacement brush heads itself? Sure, why not! Digitisation and the Internet of Things (IoT) provide businesses with easy access to massive amounts of customer data. How do you collect and analyse that data and deploy it to the max?

Stay connected. As a retailer, wholesaler and manufacturer, staying connected is one of the keys to success. It gives you access to data that enables you to take a personal approach to your customer at every step of the customer journey.
After all, the more you know about a customer, the better you can help them – and proactiveness is sure to lead to better customer service.

Real-time communication based on data?

Stay Connected

Real-time communication based on data?

Being ‘connected’ means that you are constantly linked to your customers (through their devices), collect large amounts of data through diverse channels and then convert that data into usable insights. To do that, you need smart platforms as well as smart people such as data analysts who establish game-changing links between data points.
Data analysts scrutinise internal as well as external (big) data before it enters your systems. They understand which data is important for your organisation and which tools you need to translate that into information that your business processes can work with.
Insights from data analysts can help you optimise the customer experience across the customer journey, by, for example, personalising your customer approach, customising products, predicting customer behaviour and delivering services proactively – when a product needs maintenance, for example.
The benefits? You can give customised usage or maintenance tips and cater to your customers’ needs in real time.

Stay connected

  • Collect and analyse data
  • Monitor in real time
  • Use forcasting
“ It is an art to get the right information from the growing amount of data.” - Global IT Director, Bavaria
How do you surprise your customer? With data!
TIPS – Organisations must try harder than ever to win customers and tie them to their brands. How do you surprise customers in a world characterised by ever-decreasing interest in advertisements? How do you start a conversation in today’s impersonal era? Data and analytics can help.
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Optimise customer engagement in retail, wholesale and manufacturing.
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